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Ryland Homes
Plan Name Price Address View Image
Homestead Sunnyvale
Fairchild $446,064 286 Old Mill Road View Image
Windmill 50's
Quincy $163,425 3022 Granite Rock Trail View Image
Rutledge $192,525 3024 Granite Rock Trail View Image
Windmill Farms 80's
Trenton $197,391 2009 Sumac Drive View Image
Stanton $127,641 104 Blackforest Road View Image
Stanton $133,304 213 Broken Arrow View Image
Benbrook $128,277 1236 Feather Crest Drive View Image
Bozman Farms
Turner $182,733 1316 Valley Stream Circle View Image
Baldwin $183,089 1309 Cedar Branch Drive View Image
Crawford $189,309 1312 Canyon Creek Road View Image
Mira Lagos
Sutton $262,828 3215 Guadaloupe View Image
Amesbury $225,591 2831 Fontana View Image
Payton $213,430 2835 Fontana View Image
Summer Crossing
Kentwood $184,767 6105 Dream Dust Drive View Image
Trails of Willow Creek
Quincy $151,532 1128 Castle Springs Road View Image
Wooded Creek
Ellington $210,516 906 Country Side Drive View Image
Mountain Creek Meadows
Clifton $156,946 8423 Ridge Creek Drive View Image
Monticello $139,767 8440 Ridge Creek Drive View Image
Legacy Villas
Parkwood $256,290 2000 Harris Place View Image
Suncreek Townhomes
Hartwell $183,421 1637 Southwestern Drive View Image
Berkshire $183,840 1641 Southwestern Drive View Image
Mayfield $185,102 1643 Southwestern Drive View Image
Garden Valley 65's
Danbury $151,757 214 Goodnight Lane View Image
Travis Ranch
Danbury $145,691 1019 Johnson City Avenue View Image
Rutledge $178,591 1104 Mount Olive Lane View Image
Rutledge $178,591 2000 New Braunfels Trail View Image
Clark Ridge
Odessa $141,655 6807 Clark Vista Drive View Image
Meredith $143,635 6829 Clarkridge Drive View Image
Cottonwood Creek Townhomes
Berkshire $178,591 1927 Monterrey Street View Image
Berkshire $183,291 883 Caballero Lane View Image
Hartwell $186,111 881 Caballero Lane View Image
Berkshire $187,991 879 Caballero Lane View Image
Summerfield $203,031 877 Caballero Lane View Image
Mayfield $184,231 1850 Villa Drive View Image
Hartwell $180,471 1854 Villa Drive View Image
Berkshire $187,051 1856 Villa Drive View Image
Cottonwood Creek Court
Hickory $225,591 1705 Coronado Street View Image
Birch $234,991 856 Llano Drive View Image
Redbud $203,031 850 Llano Drive View Image
Quail Creek North Townhomes
Lantana $205,851 4233A Swan Forest Drive View Image
Gardenia $204,911 4233F Swan Forest Drive View Image
Lantana $215,622 4237F Swan Forest Drive View Image
Jasmine $208,263 4237E Swan Forest Drive View Image
Camelia $193,282 4237C Swan Forest Drive View Image
Lantana $232,594 4245F Swan Forest Drive View Image
Quail Creek North Court
Teakwood II $236,871 4317 Kestrel Way View Image
Woodland Estates
Saratoga $304,310 1115 Starleaf Drive View Image
Belmont $259,431 1205 Ravenna Street View Image
Fairways of Westridge
Manchester $205,851 9313 Jerico Drive View Image
Villages of Melissa
Prescott $178,591 1109 Johnson Drive View Image
Creekside Estates
Ellington $264,990 3030 Rubby Dr. View Image
Cross Oak Ranch
Danbury $133,154 8908 Trailblazer Drive View Image
Fontanna Ranch
Churchill $273,569 3163 Luchenbach Trail View Image
Preakness $285,644 3113 San Saba Court View Image
Rockland Farms
Norfolk $563,991 207 Rockland Trail View Image
Emerald Valley
Marigold II $235,296 1923 Lantana Lane View Image
Marigold $235,442 1927 Lantana Lane View Image
Iris $244,817 1931 Lantana Lane View Image
Mira Lagso G
Chester $199,990 7240 Darsena View Image
Prescott $283,126 2912 La Roda View Image
Becker $353,159 2959 La Roda View Image
Cambridge II $281,008 2931 La Roda View Image
Regent II $309,555 2927 La Roda View Image